Copssh - OpenSSH for Windows

Copssh - OpenSSH for Windows

Copssh is an OpenSSH server and client implementation for Windows systems with an administration GUI. You can use Copssh for remote administration of your systems or gathering remote information in a secure way.

Copssh packages portable OpenSSH, Cygwin and some popular utilites, plus implementing some best practices regarding security.

OpenSSH is a FREE version of the SSH protocol suite of network connectivity tools. It encrypts all traffic (including passwords) to effectively eliminate eavesdropping, connection hijacking, and other network-level attacks. Additionally, OpenSSH fully supports SFTP server and client roles, provides a myriad of secure tunneling and forwarding capabilities as well as a variety of authentication methods. Cygwin is a Linux-like environment for Windows. It consists of a DLL (cygwin1.dll), which emulates substantial Linux API functionality, and a collection of tools.

Itefix provides a virtual test lab in where you can try our products with full functionality. At the moment we have 7 hosts (Windows 7, Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2012 R2, Windows 10, Windows 2016, Windows 2019 and Lubuntu 16.04 for Unix scenarios). Our lab has no Internet access. All lab computers are refreshed every three hours.

Itefix software is available via a URL on the desktop. You have also access to some popular 3rd party software to test client scenarios. Download the software to lab computers which share the same network, so it is possible to experiment with multiple hosts. A network diagram showing the connectivity is available via the URL.

Our lab has also a Lubuntu 16.04 desktop to test Unix/X windows scenarios. In the case you need to login via ssh from an other test computer, you can use following credentials: user lab1user, pwd user1lab

Copssh - OpenSSH for Windows
USD 29.00

The product is a bundle containing client and server installers (64-bit), and a server management GUI.

Quantity is the number of computers to install the product.

Copssh installation


Supported platforms : Windows Vista/2008(R2)/7/8/2012(R2)/10/2016.

NB! Administrator privileges are required for installation and operation.

Copssh comes as a ZIP file containing an installer. Simply unzip your downloaded copy and run the package "Copssh_x.x.x_Installer.exe" :

  1. Accept License agreement.
  2. Specify an installation directory
  3. Click Install.

You may check FAQ section or visit user forum if you experience problems. At the end of the installation, Copssh gives you some information about activation of users. You're DONE! Copssh is installed and the server portion is activated as a service.



By default, as a security measure, no users are allowed to access your machine via Copssh. You can use the Control Panel GUI from Start menu to activate/deactivate users. Same GUI can be used to control the basic Copssh operations as well.

Activated users can use an ssh client to access to your machine. My favorite is putty.

Password and public key authentication are tested and function as expected.

This package contain components with different terms of licensing:



OpenSSH server


OPENSSH license
OpenSSH client 8.1p1 OPENSSH license
SSL Library

LibreSSL 3.0.1

Apache license 1.0, 4-clause BSD LicenseISC license, and some are public domain
Cygwin and GNU tools


CYGWIN license Source code for Cygwin and GNU Tools are available here.

Copssh Control Panel


Itefix EULA

Copssh (installer/tools)


Itefix EULA