Scan Codes

Scan codes are special words recognizable by Adolsign. There is a one-to-one mapping between them and properties in Active Directory user objects. As an example the scan code field_firstname corresponds to the field First Name (or property FirstName) in Active Directory.

If you inject the scan code field_firstname into your signature template and run Adolsign for that template, Adolsign will replace field_firstname by the user's first name in Active Directory.

Adolsign supports following scan codes by default:

Scan code

Active Directory property
field_login SamAccountName
field_fullname FullName
field_firstname FirstName
field_lastname LastName
field_initials initials
field_othername OtherName
field_title Title
field_company Company
field_department Department
field_office OfficeLocations
field_telephone TelephoneNumber
field_homephone TelephoneHome
field_mobilephone TelephoneMobile
field_fax FaxNumber
field_email EmailAddress
field_street StreetAddress
field_pobox PostOfficeBox
field_city L
field_state St
field_postal postalCode
field_country Co
field_description Description
field_division Division
field_employeeid EmployeeID
field_homepage HomePage

Adolsign supports so-called conditional fields in where scan codes are treated conditionally. As an example, Adolsign can drop to use a scan code if the corresponding value in Active Directory does not exist or empty. See Conditional fields section for more information.

It is also possible to add new scan codes or change their names by Adolsign's configuration file adolsign.config.

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