How can I use Winrpe without SSL ?

  • You may be interested in using Winrpe without SSL as the NRPE communication flows through other secure channels like vpns or port forwarders.


    • On the monitored host with Winrpe: Update file etc\xinetd.d\nrpe and add option -n to server_args parameter:

    # default: on
    # description: NRPE
    service nrpe
    type = UNLISTED
    flags = REUSE
    port = 5666
    socket_type = stream        
    wait = no
    user = SvcXinet
    server = /bin/nrpe
    server_args = -n -c /nrpe.cfg --inetd
    log_on_failure += USERID
    disable = no
    # only_from       = <ipaddress1> <ipaddress2> ...

    • On the monitoring host: Add the option -n to your check_nrpe commands.

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