Configuration file adolsign.config

 Configuration file enhances Adolsign's capabilities in following ways:

  • Support for multiple signatures with multiple attributes. You can also filter signatures based on group membership or values in AD. Examples: 
adolsign.config Description

Group=Domain Users
  • Process template files only if the user is member of Domain Users group. You can specify multiple groups. Adolsign will proceed if the user is member of at least one group.
  • Produce a Vcard
  • This signature is default for new and reply messages
  • Copy files corporate.png and corporate.css from the directory from where Adolsign is started.


  • Process only if AD-value for company name contains CompanyX. Comparisons are based on regular expressions and  case-sensitive. You can specify AD-fields multiple times, even the same attribute!
  • Don't produce a Vcard
  • This signature is not a default one for new and reply messages
  • Copy directory CX-images andCX.css from \\SRV\netlogon as well
  • Define lookup tables for value conversion. This capability allows you to replace values in Active Directory by values in lookup tables. A flexible way to support multi-language initials, titles and many more. Example:
field_title( --lookup Norwegian_titles )field_title

in the configuration file:



Produces Sjef or Konsulent if title values in AD are manager and consultant respectively (case insensitive). Otherwise, the value itself is used. 

  • Create or rename scan codes. Even if Adolsign comes with more than 20 scan codes, you may be interested to add new ones to get additional information from Active Directory.  A complete list of available attributes can be found here. Use Ldap-display-Name in the Adolsign configuration file.You can also rename scan codes themselves.

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