hardbackup FAQs

How can I use hardBackup between two local drives ?

You may want to use hardBackup to get backup of directories from a local drive to an other local one. A typical scenario can be to take backup of your My Documents folder or contents of a USB-memory pen to a portable USB hard disk. Let's assume that  you want to take backup of your documents on C:\Documents And Settings\user\My Documents to the directory e:\backup\documents on a USB-harddisk:

  • Install hardBackup
  • Edit the configuration file master.conf (Please keep a copy the original one as it has useful instructions for future use):

image-default: %Y%m%d%H%M
log: gzip
index: gzip
expire-default: +30 days


  • The configuration file above will keep copies of your documents for the last 30 days. Please see the documentation for the options available.
  • Create the directory e:\backup\documents\dirvish
  • Create file default.conf in the directory above:
client: hostname
tree: C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents 

hostname should be the name of your pc (run the command hostname from the command prompt). User must be your user name.

  • Now we have defined our setup and it is time to initialize it for the first time. Open HardBackup Command Prompt from the start menu and run the following command:
dirvish --vault documents --init
  • You will see that the directory e:\backup\documents will get populated. Check log files if the initialization was done properly.
  • Schedule the batch file hardbackup.cmd for continuous operation. It will make sure that copies older than the last 30 days will be purged and all banks/vaults you've defined in the configuration file will be handled.