RSync access denied

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Hi all,

I'm pretty confused with RSync right now!

I wnat to synchronize a folder from a Linux (Suse) machine to a Windows 2k Server. I have
installed cwRsync Server on the Windows PC but with or without SSH i can't connect to the Windwos machine.

If I type this command in the Linux machine:

rsync -a -v /test/ SvcwRsync@windows::test/cygdrive/c/RSync

I get this message:

@ERROR: access denied to test from unknown
rsync error: error starting client-server protocol (code 5) at main.c(1183)

This is my rsyncd.conf:

Das ist die rsyncd.conf:

use chroot = false
strict modes = false
hosts allow = *
log file = rsyncd.log
pid file =

# Module definitions
# Remember cygwin naming conventions : c:\work becomes /cygwin/c/work
path = /cygdrive/c/RSync
read only = false
transfer logging = yes

If I try it with SSH I am prompted to enter a password. Even if I authenticate a admin user from the windwos machine with the and insert the auth user command and generate the rsync.secrets file, I only get a permission denied!


Please help, I'm giving up!!! Yell

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Re: RSync access denied
  1. windows 2k server: Use Prepare a dir for upload wizard for c:\rsync
  2. Suse: rsync -a -v /test/ SvcwRsync@windows::test
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Re: RSync access denied

Thanks, that worked just fine. But how can I use SSH with cwRsync? I can use the Account that is created with the installation of cwrsync or I can create a new user and authenticate this account with the script in the cwrsync dir, right?

 But what then?