problem GetDCName

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I can't start the COPSSH service after create a invalid user for test. When i try to start the COPSSH Control Panel display the following error.

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Hi there Guero,

I ran into this problem myself...

The way I found that fixed it was to go to the COPSSH bin  folder that was made when you installed COPSSH.  Most likely C:\Program Files (x86)\ICW\bin

In that folder is a file called:  copsshcp.config

Open that file using wordpad and at the bottom is the user you created that's causing the error.   Delete the bottom section with the invalid user and it's information.  Save and start the copssh control panel again and you should be golden.

Hope this helps!

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I have this problem only I've entered a valid user!

I get GetDCName for domainname: The parameter is incorrect. 


when creating the user I entered the domain name on top, and username on the bottom. What's the problem here?

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I bought CopSSH yesterday and I also have a problem with GetDCName.

This problem occurs because CopSSH can't talk to a domain controller on ldap udp 389.

I have done some digging and found out that when CopSSH is looking/asking the DNS for the domain controller it uses this command:

_ldap._tcp.pdc._msdcs. DnsDomainName .

CopSSH should not ask DNS for the PDC(primary domain controller), but for the DC for the AD site in which the server resides.

CopSSH should use this command to find the correct DC:

_ldap._tcp. SiteName ._sites.dc._msdcs. DnsDomainName

My PDC is in another subnet and blocked by firewall because of security reasons, so I can not use CopSSH with domain accounts as it is now.

Can you please fix this or give us a way to hardcode which DC CopSSH should talk to.