I want to set up ssh communication without passwords !!

Here is a simple recipe ( NB! This is not a very secure solution, since we use null passphrase during generation of public key pairs, use it at your own risk):

  • cwRsync client. Generate key pairs :

ssh-keygen -q -t rsa -f cwrsync -N ""

Files cwrsync and cwrsync.pub will be generated.

  • Transfer cwrsync.pub to your *nix machine.
  • *nix machine. Run following commands:

mkdir -p ~$user/.ssh
cat cwrsync.pub > ~$user/.ssh/authorized_keys
chmod 755 ~$user ~$user/.ssh
chmod 644 ~$user/.ssh/authorized_keys
chown $user ~$user ~$user/.ssh ~$user/.ssh/authorized_keys

  • cwRsync client. Update your rsync commands in your batch file by specifying option -e "ssh -i cwrsync".

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