Fix for "Unable to initialize SFTP:could not connect" with Copssh 3.1.2

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Fix for "Unable to initialize SFTP:could not connect" with Copssh 3.1.2

I installed Copssh 3.1.2 on a newly deployed Windows 2003 SP2 Web Edition machine.  I have used Copssh in the past to copy files using Putty pscp and Copssh with no problems.  I set up public key authentication using the authorized_keys file and can connect fine using putty.  Pscp using password authentication also worked.  However, pscp using the public key (pageant) results in the following error :

unable to initialize SFTP: could not connect

I enabled debugging in sshd_config only to find that the sftp-server process was starting and then sending a SIGCHLD to the sshd process.  I ended up doing the following to make this work :

Editing sshd_config and commenting out the Subsystem line

Adding a new line as follows

Subsystem sftp internal-sftp

Restarting the openssh SSHD service and then connecting using pscp again.

Gary Thorne


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Fix for "Unable to initialize SFTP doesn'r run .bashrc

Using 3.1.4 this problem still exists.
The work around is fine but the internal-sftp doesn't execute .basrc
This is amajor problem for us.
Is there any solution for the basic problem or a way to force the execution of .bashrc ?
We can't change the other side of the file transfer and need the .bashrc funcionality.