check_snmp_cisco problem

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check_snmp_cisco problem


I've got a Windows 7 machine running Nagwin 1.2.0.

I'm trying to monitor a Cisco 4506-E Sub 6 switch with Nagios. Pinging works fine, but I don't get the check_snmp_cisco plugin to work.

First I got the problem that awk wasn't found. I installed Cygwin, copied and pasted the required files. These error messages disappeared.

Then the output said that it hasn't found the cache files, so I created them.

But There is still one error I've not been able to handle yet:

IF-MIB::ifOperStatus.: Unknown Object Identifier (Index out of range: (ifIndex))

My input was:

C:\Program Files (x86)\ICW\plugins> perl check_snmp_cisco -H -C private -I GigabitEthernet 5/6 -S up

Any help would be appreciated,