access nagwin from outside my network

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hello all,

This has got to be something simple but I just don't see it.


windows 2k8 R2 server

working just fine, monitoring all sorts of remote winows hosts no problem.  Becuase server 2k8 has a built in webserver IIS7 running by default I changed the nginx.conf to use port 8080.  This works fine within my network from both the local server and a local PC.

I have port forwarding set on my firewall for both ports 80 and 8080.  Port 80 to my IIS works fine, port 8080 to the nagwin however does not work from outside the network.  All windows firewalls are off.  I figure it's got to be something in the nginx config but can't figure it out.  Also don't see any logging for nginx.  Where is this?

Any ideas as to why I can't see the site from the outside world?




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Running a netstat -a | grep 8080 I can see the server is listening on the port and getting requests... does nginx have access rules?


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 No. Nginx should work same

 No. Nginx should work same way regardless of port it listens to. But, port forwarding on some routers doesn't work as expected if there are different ports (8080-->8081 for example).