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Copssh with faster control panel and bug fixes


Copssh version 4.4.3 is an update with substantial speed improvements in control panel. Following bugs are also fixed:

  • PKA (Public Key Authentication Wizard) doesn't recognize user customizable home directories properly.
  • Control Panel doesn't update firewall settings upon port change.
  • Time window for event log doesn't work as expected.

Existing customers can download the latest version from their customer page at

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Nagios NRPE plugin updates - check_wmic and check_ad

check_wmic version 1.1 has a bug fix handling empty wmi results better. The plugin supports also a new command line option --compare to enable more flexible threshold checks. For example, you can now instruct the plugin to react if a measured value is equal to a threshold by specifying --compare eq. Check_ad version 1.6 supports Windows 2012 domain controllers.

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Check HP UPS system status via Nagios

Check HP switch sensor status via NagiosNagios configuration definitions below allow you to check status of HP UPS systems via Nagios. Requirements: SNMP is enabled at UPS systems and Net-SNMP is installed at the Nagios host.

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Adolsign with Office 2013 support and size/speed optimizations

AdolsignAdolsign version 2.3.0 introduces support for Office 2013. In addition, we use a new packaging technology delivering most of the system files in a directory structure which reduces the size of adolsign executable dramatically (from 2 MB to 200KB). That will make Adolsign faster to start, plus there will be no need for local storage at users' home directories.

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Gitwin 1.5 with Git is released


Gitwin - Git Server for Windows

Version 1.5 contains Git version with lots of updates. Existing customers can download the latest version from their customer page at

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