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Package updates: Copssh, cwRsync, Gitwin and Nagwin


All four packages are updated with the Cygwin 1.7.18. In addition, cwRsync and Gitwin have got the latest OpenSSH binaries (6.2).

Nagwin contains now the latest Nagios Core binaries (3.5.0).


Existing customers can download latest versions from their customer pages at

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Copssh updated with OpenSSH 6.2


Copssh version 4.5.0 contains OpenSSH 6.2 with following changes:

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Change the drive letter of a removable disk

RecipeSometimes it may be necessary to instruct your system not to use a specific drive letter for use by removable storage units like USB memory sticks, card readers or hard drives. As an example, your setup may contain network drive mappings relying on availability of specific letters. The Visual Basic script below takes a drive letter as a parameter, checks if it is mounted as a removable disk and move the letter to the next available letter.


cscript /NoLogo change-drive-letter.vbs drive-letter



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Copssh with faster control panel and bug fixes


Copssh version 4.4.3 is an update with substantial speed improvements in control panel. Following bugs are also fixed:

  • PKA (Public Key Authentication Wizard) doesn't recognize user customizable home directories properly.
  • Control Panel doesn't update firewall settings upon port change.
  • Time window for event log doesn't work as expected.

Existing customers can download the latest version from their customer page at

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Nagios NRPE plugin updates - check_wmic and check_ad

check_wmic version 1.1 has a bug fix handling empty wmi results better. The plugin supports also a new command line option --compare to enable more flexible threshold checks. For example, you can now instruct the plugin to react if a measured value is equal to a threshold by specifying --compare eq. Check_ad version 1.6 supports Windows 2012 domain controllers.

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