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ciXwin with X-server 1.15

ciXwin - X Server for WindowsciXwin 1.1.0 contains the latest available X-Server version 1.15. It has also updated OpenSSH (6.5) and Cygwin (1.7.27) binaries. Yo do not need to update the cixwin.cmd any longer: It's created automatically - just click on it and your X server will be on!

Copssh with feature-rich OpenSSH 6.5

Copssh - OpenSSH for Windows

Both Copssh installer and Control Panel are updated to handle Ed25519 based keys
 Copssh Control Panel PKA Wizard Key Page

Copssh with isolated SFTP home directories

Copssh - OpenSSH for Windows

Copssh 4.7.2 features a new Control Panel with the capability of configuring isolated SFTP home directories. It does this by using the OpenSSH ChrootDirectory directive. By setting proper file system permissions in addition, customers will now be able to setup more secure SFTP installations. This feature is available for 'Sftp' access type and the cuurent version assumes that SvcCOPSSH is used as a service account. However, there is a small workaround to handle other service accounts as well.

cwRsync Free Edition with the latest Rsync

cwRsync - Rsync for WindowscwRsync Free Edition is now made available as a barebone distribution of the latest binaries. Simple edit the supplied batch file and you will be able to use Rsync from a command line. Enjoy!

Gitwin updated - Git and more

Gitwin 1.7.1 contains the latest available Git ( distribution. We have also updated the built-in Copssh to the latest version with an OpenSSL security fix, as well as Cygwin and tools.Gitwin - Git Server for Windows

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