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Fix/reset Windows home folder permissions

Fix/reset Windows home folder permissions

You may experience that your domain users start to complain about not being able to access to their own files/documents in home folders. The problem could be triggered by a help desk or a file migration operation, and it may be solved by fixing/resetting permissions. Here is a recipe:


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Gitwin updated with Git 2.0.1

Gitwin - Git Server for WindowsGitwin 2.0.201 contains the latest available Git (2.0.1) distribution. See Changelog for Git 2.0.1 for more details. In addition, we have updated the built-in Copssh package (4.9.3)


Customers can download the latest version from their account pages at

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Copssh with Control Panel improvements


Copssh version 4.9.3 comes with an updated Control Panel with following improvements:


  • It is now possible to instruct the Control panel not to convert user names to lowercase. If you add the parameter below to the bin/copsshcp.config file, no conversion will find place:


The default behaviour is still conversion to lowercase.

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cwRsync with Rsync 3.1.1

cwRsync - Rsync for Windows

cwRsync 5.4.0 installers contain the latest Rsync 3.1.1. It reintroduces socketpairs again in Cygwin setup as an attempt for better performance. We have also updated OpenSSL to 1.0.1h.

Changelog for Rsync 3.1.1

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Introducing newsletters for software updates

Introducing newsletters

If you want get notified about updates of a specific software, you can now subscribe our software-specific update newsletters. Newsletter subscriptions are open to everyone. As of this writing, we offer following newsletters:

  • Itefix News & Announcements - news, updates about Itefix
  • Itefix Security Advisories - security notifications for Itefix software (highly recommended)
  • Itefix Blog - recipes, free tools
  • Adolsign updates
  • Copssh updates
  • cwRsync updates
  • Gitwin updates
  • Nagwin updates
  • PortForMe updates
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