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Bash updated against Shellshock vulnerability

Shellshock vulnerability fix

Shellshock (CVE-2014-6271 and CVE-2014-7169) is a security vulnerability in GNU's Bash shell allowing potential attackers access to run unauthorized commands on your systems. Bash is installed as a part of many solutions from Itefix including Copssh, cwRsync, Gitwin and Nagwin. Please follow steps below for a quick fix :


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check_ad with RODC aware checks

check_ad version 1.7 can detect if a DC is read only (RODC) and skips RID Manager checks (credits jluzet).



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Nagios/Nagwin printer checks from Windows systems


check_printer is a plugin allowing you to check printer health via SNMP print alert table and more, strongly inspired by check_printers plugin at Nagios Exchange site. It is a compiled Perl script and the source code is available as part of the distribution. Check_printer is dependent on the snmpwalk tool from Net-SNMP. It is not very chatty and creates alerts only if field maintenance is required. Recipe for monitoring printers via Nagwin is available here.



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cwDup refreshed with the latest binaries

cwDup refreshed

We have updated our cwDup package with the latest available binaries. cwDup is a Duplicity implementation for Windows systems. Duplicity is an encrypted bandwidth-efficient backup solution using the rsync algorithm. See Duplicity changelog for more details.

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Gitwin updated with Git 2.1.0

Gitwin - Git Server for WindowsWe have updated Gitwin with the latest Git (2.1.0) distribution which a major update with lots of updates, performance improvements and fixes. See Changelog for Git 2.1.0 for more details.

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